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About Us
We are parents of children who have been diagnosed with autism in the Humboldt County, California area. Our group is dedicated to finding new and better ways to help the education system adapt to the growing and changing needs of the autistic child. Our group of mothers, fathers, and families are dedicated to finding a way to give these children the opportunities to succeed in new and extraordinary ways. Please join in helping us prepare the education system for these children to learn and grow as would any other child.
 Congratulations to our 4 new board members. We are so excited to be able to expand our board. These women have so much to offer our community. ACTION ALWAYS WITH COMPASSION. We welcome Felicia Costa Becky Hooven, Courtney Burman and Shannon Maciel. — with Emily LewisFelicia CostaBecky HoovenFatima NaylorStephanie TostenShannon Franklin Maciel and Shayla Verbich.
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Interviews of Parents of Autistic Children - Aug. 2012
Interviews of Parents of Autistic Children for Families Advocating Autism Now (FAAN) in August 2012 in Eureka, California.Creative Commons license. Background music is stock, use approved by permi...
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